22Mar / 2016

No More Toxic Mix

All of these cleaning products put together create a toxic mix which is not only damaging to your upper respiratory system as you’re cleaning but also can accumulate over the years underneath the skin on you and your family as they go about touching the surfaces. Now let’s discuss alternatives to these harsh chemicals that you can use for the same purposes. We will break down each service individually and discuss what would be used and then also a less toxic alternative. Let’s start with the bathtub. There is a ring of gun that can form if you give your kids a bath that is caused from skin dirt and the residue from soap. This can be very hard to remove but instead of resorting to very harsh chemicals and chlorine bleach you should try a combination of vinegar and lemon.

You will hear these two household products used very often for cleaning as they are both natural but also very acidic and therefore can break up the residue that is adding up your bathroom. Now let’s discuss the thing where you are trying to remove antibacterial agents that are damaging to your skin into your lungs. A great antibacterial product that you can use is hydrogen peroxide which will fizz and dissolve all of the bacteria away from the surfaces. When you use this with a combination of the other products that we discuss the lemon and the vinegar then you will have a sink that is both clean and disinfected but also smells like lemons and is pleasing to the nose. Another great cleaning product that you can use to replace other heart strings and chemicals is a combination of vinegar and cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper is also an antibacterial and will remove the germs as well as complement the cleaning power of the vinegar. Vinegar is made when a organic material such as a fruit or grain is fermented but not fermented all the way to the level of alcohol.

This means that it still retains all of the natural characteristics of the product that made it however it has turned all of the sugar into acid and this acid is a antibacterial and antimicrobial agent which can disinfect and clean the surfaces in your bathroom. Lemon and other citrus but especially lemons for this purpose has citric acid in it which is also a antimicrobial and antibacterial acid. The citric acid is concentrated very highly and lemons more than any other citrus and it is very effective at removing dirt and grime and breaking up staying as well as adding a lovely scent and an aroma to your bathroom. Now you have to think about how to clean the floor. Again this is a great place for ammonia to be removed from your cleaning regimen and to replace it with vinegar. When you were cleaning if you find that the vinegar is not strong enough it is also possible to use yes you guessed it vodka. Alcohol naturally-derived is an extremely powerful antimicrobial agent.

The basis of many types of liquid syrups and medicines with alcohol because of its properties as a agent against germs and pathogens. It is also an extremely effective agent at breaking apart stains and other organic material. It doesn’t take much and you can dilute it with water so that the alcohol effect is not too strong and overpowering. Of course it is very important to remember that the alcohol can make you drunk and make sure that you not drink any of it when you are working. The bathroom to be very slippery and dangerous place and if you are drinking while you are cleaning you may slip and fall and hurt yourself. Remember that holistic and natural cleaning agents are only worthwhile if you use them correctly. We use different chemicals to clean carpeting. If you have questions or want to contact a Colleyville Carpet Cleaning company, please visit our website. 

20Mar / 2016

Clean And Germ Free

Cleaning products are essential for keeping a home clean and germ-free. It is very important that you use the right cleaning products in your house in order to make sure that it is sparkling and beautiful and also that it is safe for you and your family. In these blog posts we will be dissecting not only the dangers of certain chemicals for different rooms of the house but also analyzing some great alternatives that can be for you and all of your home cleaning needs. First let us discuss the room that is used every day of the year which is the bathroom. The bathroom is a place where many germs can collect. This is a place where your body comes in contact with many surfaces and also the place where bacteria and mold and moisture can collect. Because of this it is a very important place to make sure that it is cleaned and disinfected regularly.

The places of most extreme bacterial growth are the toilet the sink and any knob that is touched constantly like the ones in your shower for hot and cold. If you do not keep your bathroom disinfected then there’s a chance of catching germs especially flu and cold viruses that can be left on handles and toilet seats. Also there is a serious danger of catching other gastrointestinal elements from am properly clean the toilet. fecal matter from the toilet can you disperse it spread all over the bathroom. When you think about it is actually a terrible designed to put the place where you defecate in the same place where you brush your teeth and wash your face. These things should actually be separated from each other for your reasons but because of the way that plumbing works they have been put in the same place. Because of this it is your duty to take cleaning of the bathroom very seriously to make sure not only that it looks clean and spotless but also that you are protecting your family and yourself from the germs that can make them sick.

If you're cleaning your own carpets, it can be a lot of hard work to get it done right. Carpeting in homes traps debris, dirt, and dust. Dirty carpet is proven to be a contributer to agitating allergies.  It's important to keep your flooring as dust and dirt free as possible for health reasons.  When searching for a good quality carpet cleaning company, look for companies with good recommendations online. There are many respectable carpet cleaning companies all of the United States. For example, if you're looking for a the best Fort Worth Carpet Cleaning company, contact Carpet Cleaning-Fort Worth.com.

Traditionally you would have different kinds of cleaners for different kinds of jobs in your bathroom. You would have a toilet bowl cleaner for your toilet which would be responsible for removing stains and also for disinfecting the bowl. This is often made with harsh bleaches and other chemicals that will not hurt the porcelain of the toilet bowl but can very much irritate your nose and the skin that it lands on. You also have a spray cleaner for the grout in your tile. Mold is another ugly part of cleaning that is necessary to remove. Mold grows in warm wet places like a steamy bathroom and can cause an unsightly stain as well. There are mold and mildew remover that can be bought but also have very strong astringent that can also hurt your eyes or irritate your nose and mouth if you inhale the fumes. Next there is the tile cleaner that you use on the floor which is responsible for cleaning the tile. Similar to the other astringent chemicals that you were using on the rest of the bathroom this can also cause a serious irritation and the bleach can penetrate the skin and get into the tissue below where it is responsible for damage. Lastly there is the disinfectant spray that you are most likely using on your sink which is responsible for removing germs. Also there is probably a window cleaner that you were using on your mirror to keep it streak free. This probably has ammonia in it and this is a damaging chemical which is not good for human tissue either.

17Mar / 2016

Eco Friendly

Alternative Eco friendly Cleaning Techniques —

Keeping your house clean and your home free of germs is one of the most important things you can do for your health and the health of your family not to mention the cleanliness and beauty of your home. Cleaning every room including the bathroom living room and bedroom is extremely important. The kitchen is probably the most important place to keep clean as that is where the outside world is preparing to interact with the inside of your body via food. It is very important to maintain a clean home to prevent pathogens from infecting you and your family and make you sick or ill. Cleaning chemicals and supplies are a multibillion-dollar industry around the world with major technology cleaning company responsible for cleaning products .

However these chemicals and sprays and cleaning products are made in a lab with extremely harsh chemicals that are designed to the antibacterial and have killing properties for living organisms such as bacteria and viruses. However this often makes them very toxic for human beings and pets as well. The chemicals used in kitchen and bath cleaners are also extremely corrosive and can do damage to your respiratory system. Over the course of time when you’re constantly exposed to these extremely harsh and damaging chemicals they can build up over time and cause all kinds of negative health effects that are no good for you or your family. These side effects can include asthma and other respiratory problems from inhaling harsh chemicals.

Window Cleaning is a way to remove dirt and dust from inside your home. There are many different techniques used to removed harmful dust from your windows, but the one that works the best is usually is a standard cleaning agent with some elbow grease. There is no need for harsh chemicals on your windows, especially if they are tinted.  Some people use windex as the cleaning solution.  Other people hire window cleaning companies every so often. A good window cleaning company is sometimes expensive and this is work that you can do yourself. But if you're concerned with cleaning windows that are high up in your home, it may be a better idea to hire a company to clean them for you. A highly respected Window Cleaning company can be found be searching online and reading reviews. We recommend getting several quotes over the phone first before hiring a window company to come to your house. If you're looking for a Dallas Window Cleaning company, contact our friends at Squeaky Clean Windows.

They can also include other more Insidious and less predictable complications in the future including certain cancers that can be linked to harsh industrial chemical. When thinking about how you want to keep your home clean and free of pathogens for you and your family you must also consider the sort of environment that you are creating when you get rid of those pathogens. It does no good to your family to replace a germy room with one that is full of toxic chemicals that are not good for human beings or pets. With this in mind let us consider the various other cleaning techniques and chemicals that can be used to keep your home smelling fresh and being clean. There are many natural products that can be used and combined in certain ways in order to achieve the effect that you are looking for. There are natural astringent and antimicrobial materials and liquids that can be very effective at not only removing grime and dirt that uglify your home but also at killing the germs that make you sick and affect your health in a negative way. Because there is a multi-billion dollar industry creating the chemicals that people use for cleaning, but home concoctions that are also effective do not get the same exposure and advertisement, but that does not mean that they are not effective and that they cannot get the same job done .

Mother Nature has provided us with a number of natural chemicals that did not need to be made in a lab with scientists that will not only get the smudges off of your windows and the grease off of your countertops but also removes the dangerous pathogens and bacteria that you make you and your family sick. There’s no reason to use expensive chemicals on areas of your house like your kitchen and your bathroom where your body interact with the environment around you. When you are in the kitchen and you’re preparing food whatever chemical is on your dishes and on your counter tops will inevitably get into your food and probably on to your skin . When you are in the bathroom your body is interacting with all kinds of surfaces like your bathtub and your sink and your mirror and your toilet. In these blog posts we will investigate the dangers of harsh chemicals as well as offer alternatives for natural home cleaning and disinfecting.